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Charitable Remainder Trusts

By creating a charitable remainder trust with Notre Dame, not only do you create a lasting gift to Notre Dame, but you also receive regular payments over the course of your life or during a fixed term of not more than 20 years. By structuring a planned gift this way, you have the opportunity to impact future generations of Notre Dame students while helping to meet your own income needs.

Charitable Remainder Trust
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Invest Your Trust in the Notre Dame Endowment

Charitable remainder trusts established at Notre Dame can participate in the same returns as the Notre Dame Endowment, offering trust benefactors the potential to maximize both their lifetime income and their gift to Notre Dame.

Enjoy Attractive Benefits

Benefactors who establish a charitable remainder trust with Notre Dame enjoy substantial benefits including:

  • The potential for significant growth of their trust, as the Notre Dame Endowment has for decades been one of the best-performing endowments in higher education.
  • Trust administration free of fees as Notre Dame charges no trustee, administrative, or direct investment fees to the trust;
  • An income stream paid to the beneficiary based on the value of the trust's assets, which has the potential to significantly increase as the trust grows in value;
  • An income tax deduction equal to a percentage of the contribution to the trust in the year the assets are placed in the trust; and
  • The satisfaction of creating a legacy at Notre Dame and ensuring that Notre Dame continues to be a force for good in the world.

Lifetime Income

By establishing a charitable remainder trust, the benefactor and his or her spouse or individuals designated by the benefactor will receive payments for life or for a specified number of years. Trust assets that remain following the end of the term or the death of the trust beneficiaries will pass to Notre Dame, where the assets will be used as directed by the benefactor. The trust remainder may be designated for a particular priority—e.g., scholarships—or left unrestricted, to be applied by the University to an area of need.

Charitable remainder trusts held at Notre Dame must be funded with a minimum gift of $100,000, and Notre Dame must be the trustee and sole remainder beneficiary of the trust.

Transferring an Existing Trust

Many existing charitable remainder trusts can be transferred to the University. To transfer a trust to Notre Dame, the following conditions must be met:

  • The language in the trust agreement must name or allow for Notre Dame to be named the sole remainder beneficiary;
  • The trust agreement must also allow for both a change of trustee and for an entity, such as a university, to serve as trustee; and
  • The trust agreement must substantially conform to Notre Dame's requirements.

Your investment in a Notre Dame charitable remainder trust will also qualify you to become a member of the Stephen Theodore Badin Guild, a giving society established to honor all those who make Notre Dame a part of their personal legacy by creating a planned gift. Contact us to learn more about becoming a member of the Badin Guild and Badin Guild member experiences.

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Want to Learn More?

Our team of gift planning professionals would be happy to work with you to create a plan that fulfills your personal intentions and objectives. Download our charitable remainder trust brochure or contact us today.